Why is Jman Photo so far behind for 2019??

Being self- employed, I wear all the hats ( photographer, accountant, publisher, builder, creator, website updater, prototype designer,etc etc.)  and sometimes  I get so involved with wearing some of those caps, I forget to put the other ones on. Case in point, I've been so engrossed in creating some new images/concepts that informing the public these exciting events has been neglected. There are many changes, additions, new concepts being worked on at this time that to try to fit them all in one blog would probable be close to reading a long novel.  So this will be the first of many update the next few weeks to bring "everyone up to speed". 

I will start with one area today.  The Buffalo Images. I started late last year adding a number of Landmark Buffalo Images and have continued to do so with 9 more added so far this year alone. Exciting and unique images of the old Phoenix Brewery Building, William Simon Brewery Building, Mansion on Delaware, Kamman Slaughterhouse, Founding Fathers Bar, Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, Richardson Olmsted Staircase and Window Sill Lock, Coles, Dunn Building....the list goes on but I'll let you see for yourself at my Buffalo Landmark Section.  Also a work in progress is the availability of the images.  Soon all images will be available as a print only, the 8x10 and 11x14 sizes as a Ready to Hang, and the larger sizes 16x20, 20x24 and 24x30 as a float mount  Ready to Hang.

So this will end Part 1.... coming sooner than later Part 2...Industrial. Will talk then, soon,  I promise...Bill

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