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Margarita Coaster Set

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The durable Margarita Coaster Series come in a set of 4 "different" coasters. The theme is Margarita, starting out as a full Margarita and slowly diminishing to almost nothing but the empty glass. Not only are these funny coasters functional, they are a great conservation piece in the home or outdoor patio. Perfect as a house warming gift idea for the holidays. Those that receive these Margarita Series Coasters will remember you giving this gift every time their used. Any moisture coming off of the glass or mug will soak right into the coaster itself, thus protecting your table or counter top from water damage.

Dimensions of each coaster is 3.75 x 3.75 x 1/4". Nice and thick... not 1/8" like some flimsy coasters out there.

Coasters come in the Pin Stripe cardboard box displayed. Suitable for storing them.

Copyright logo will NOT be on your finished coasters.

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