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The Panel Collection

The Process…

Over 40+ years of gathering images has inspired me to create what I call The Panel Collection.  It starts with a color negative or color digital image. I then digitally alter the color depending on the image. It involves a immense amount of trial and error due to the individuality of each image. Modifications that have worked in past images, most likely will not be acceptable for the next Panel Collection. As a result, each time I sit down to create, I must start from scratch.  There are no set rules to create the finished piece, occasionally I will give the whole image a tint, then at times I’ll subtract or reduce the color of the image or just a section, sometimes it’s a combination of different modifiers. I have an idea what I want the finished collection to look like, but always flexible with the end result.  Many of the images I labor on never make it to the printer, if they due survive my ruthless approval, you can be assured a substantial amount of time and effort was involved in creating this finished collection.

I Tweak…

I rarely leave anything alone and because of that, I constantly review my Panel Images for improvement.  What does that mean to you?  The Panel Collection is a limited edition of images, no two are alike.  They may be similar, but not 100% the same. Many times I will “tweak” the color because I feel after further assessment, a minor modification is necessary. Also each and every Panel is hand cut, mounted and preserved by myself, so there may be some variances there as well.

So what’s the end result....

A truly limited, one of a kind, handmade (by me), unique piece of art that I am proud to sell to you, and honored that I have the honor of hanging out with you on your wall.