FAQ's regarding Float Mounted Images

Q: How to hang my images

A: Depending on the size All "Float Mounted Images" are supplied the tried-and-true method of a sawtooth hanger and wall hanger or larger pieces (16x20 and larger) picture hanging wire and wall hanger.

Q: How to clean.

A: All Float Mounted Images have a clear protective lamination applied to the surface of the image.  If you need to clean the image all you need is a damp cloth and softly wipe off any splatters. That's all you need to do. 

Q: Can the pictures be modified

 A: I would be more than happy to discuss any modifications (custom size/color) that you desire.  The best way is to contact me so we can determine if the changes you require can be done.  Phone# 716.689.3143 or email wjd1096@gmail.com

Q: What are my picture choices for the Steampunk Lamps

A: All of my scenic and Buffalo images can be made to hang with my Steampunk Lamps (with the exception of skylines or long and narrow images... but that will be offered in 2023).  Depending on the format (vertical or horizontal) of the image some cropping may be required. Please contact to further discuss. I can also send you a mock-up of what it would look like to ensure you will be completely satisfied. You can also supply me with a picture you have that you want me to use.  Please contact me to discuss the details.

Q: Are their different options available on the Steampunk Lamps besides what picture I can pick?

A: Yes. Depending on the size of the lamp you choose.  You can pick the following:  Insulator lamp or Edison Bulb in a wire cage.  Rotary on/off Switch at the top ( or other desired location). Toggle on/off Switch. Valve dimmer switch or Valve low/high power switch, placed at the base of the Steampunk Lamp.

Q: On your Steampunk Lamps, if I have a personal item I would like to supply to you to put on the lamp, is that option available.

A: Absolutely, I have incorporated customers Beer Taps, Bottle openers, and other miscellaneous items into the Lamp.  I love the challenge,  Lets Talk!