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FAQ's regarding Ready to Hang Series

Q: How to hang the series

A: All "Ready To Hang Series" are supplied with the 3M Command Strips®. A very simple yet effective way to easily hang my artwork.

  • I have already attached the strip that goes to the back of the artwork, all you need to do is remove the liner and position the Series Artwork on the wall.
  • Press firmly onto the wall where hanger strip is located.
  • Remove artwork by lifting from the bottom, your strip should still be on the wall.
  • Firmly press the strip(s) on the wall for about 30 seconds.
  • Mount the Series artwork with the strips firmly together till you hear a soft snap, if picture hangs crooked or you need to reposition, no problem, go ahead and remove artwork and reposition, its that easy.

I've added the 3M Command Stip®  video for detailed installation and removal. Click Here.

Q: How to clean.

A: The Ready To Hang Series Image is protected with a clear protective lamination.  If you need to clean the image all you need is a damp cloth and softly wipe off any splatters. That's all you need to do.

Q: It's light but will it stay on the wall with just the Command Strip®

A: Yes, with the simulated double mat and imprinted black frame right on the finished piece, the lightweight design is perfect to hang that way. AND it looks just like a heavier framed piece of art but without any wall damage.

Q: Is there any guarantee?

A: Absolutely. If for any reason within the first year of purchase, the Ready To Hang Series Image becomes damaged, just return/contact me for a FREE Replacement.  All I ask is that you register your email with me at the time of purchase so that I have proof of purchase.