About Bill

Once upon a time, Bill obtained a camera..........and as they say, the rest is history.

For those of you interested in a few more facts, read on......

Almost from the dawn of time, I would like to wander, both mentally and physically.  In my early days, when the opportunity presented itself, I would explore the ‘nooks and crannys” of areas that others would have no interest. Many times it ended up just being an interesting adventure down an alley or trail, but on some occasions a unique view was revealed to me and the camera.

At the start, photographing scenic images was my interest, then people, weddings, commercial work (which involved everything from photographing metal casting production plants and parts to climbing up in 5 story cranes to capture a sequence of production procedures), to what I now concentrate primarily on, tabletop photography -- photography created in the studio and then manipulated digitally.

From these life experiences evolved my concept called Series Images.  A set of 4 images that (most of the time) tell a simple story. Sometimes it has a funny ending, sometimes a pretty ending, sometimes it is just a set of 4 images that I like.

It’s a simple concept that involves much thought and visualizing how to make the 4 photos, creatively present themselves and be worthy of my Series Image Collections.